About Patrick


I’m a wedding and lifestyle photographer based out of Baltimore. I shoot weddings because I absolutely love to document the connection and electricity that flows between a couple on their big day. It really is amazing to behold. The energy and rhythm of your day is so interesting and unique I just love being around it.  I always feel truly honored to even be considered, and especially to be asked to bear witness.

My style is natural and casual. I like to shoot you with natural light wherever I can while using flashes for accents and where needed. I like to capture moments and expressions as they happen instead of trying to create them artificially. I believe the most timeless photographs are the ones that will pull you instantly back to that moment in time.   Those simply can’t be created.  They must be captured naturally as they happen. I like creatively posed or staged photographs, but my goal is to catch candid moments that reflect the love and friendship between you two and the people at your wedding. I want to shoot you being you. The goal is to be as unobtrusive as possible, let you have fun, and capture the emotion of your day as it happens.